PCR test cabinet

CODE: E9300
E9300/70 - PCR Test Cabinet, 70x55x75 cm
E9300/120 - PCR Test Cabinet, 120x55x75 cm
E9300/150 - PCR Test Cabinet, 150x55x75 cm
E9300/180 - PCR Test Cabinet, 180x55x75 cm
PRICE:1.700,00 USD
PCR Working Cabinets Are working stations used to prevent the contamination of reaction material with foreign
DNA/RNA in molecular biological studies with nucleic acids.
In addition to protecting material against ambient air currents as a physical barrier, decontamination of biological
materials in the working cabinet is provided before and
after application of biological materials in the working cabinet.
• High performance HEPA fi lter
• AISI 316L Stainless Steel work machine
• Fixed or height adjustable carrying table
• In-cab pipette hanger
• In-cab rack system
Specifi cations;
• Ideal System with HEPA fi lter and UV Lamp Designed for
PCR Work
• Risk of Contamination is Eliminated Thanks to HEPA fi lter 0.3 μm
• Robust Ergonomic Design
• Conveinent Control Panel
• Stainless Steel Workspace
• Side Walls made of Polycarbonate Material
• UV Lamp and Fluoreasan Lamp

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Dimensions (wxlxh)

70x55x75 cm

120x55x75 cm

150x55x75 cm

180x55x75 cm


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110 kg

130 kg

150 kg