Face Protection Mask Visors

MODEL: Face protection mask visors
• It prevents particles, saliva, droplets, dust and similar small bodies from coming to your face (eyes, mouth, nose) and going from you to the opposite side.
• Transparent trench, in line with health product regulations; Made of unbreakable, flexible polyethylene material.
• The conversation is for personal use during the transaction (examination, welcome, sales, meeting, etc.).
• It is light, easy to use, simple to take off and put on.
• Because flexible material is used, the adult adapts to every head.
• It does not cover your field of view, the field of view is wide.
• Since it has high light transmittance, it does not cause image loss.
• The product is shipped disinfected and can be used repeatedly by disinfecting.
• Face protective trench; It consists of a transparent shield, flexible band and forehead sponge.
• Face shield is one of the most effective personal protection products used all over the world, especially in protection against virus outbreaks.
• Suitable for use with numbered glasses.
Face protection mask visors